Create studio-quality AI videos as simply as typing.

With, you can easily create stunning business videos.

Say goodbye to film crews and expensive equipment.

Our Products.

Techzig Studio 📹

With Techzig panel, you can create realistic-looking AI-Generated Videos just by typing in your video transcript.

Techzig API🧩

Create quick and easy-to-make transparent AI-Generated Narrator videos. Build your customer journey or campaign while the API automates the videos

Used by Fortune 50 Companies

Use Techzig to create hyper-personalized videos for Sales prospecting.

How realistic is it?

See how an AI Generated video by techzig compares to a real life shot video of Abhishek.

Actual Video 🧐

Simply type in text and select your preferred AI voice and model from a wide variety of options.

AI-Generated Video 😲

Generate your AI video and witness the similarities it has with its real counterpart. Use these videos for multiple use cases

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.

Use Techzig to create hyper-personalized videos for Sales prospecting.

Media Coverage

Use Techzig to create hyper-personalized videos for Sales prospecting.

Want to know more?

Make sure to watch our product walkthroughs and Video Tutorials to understand what the process looks like.

Our Use Cases

Techzig can be used for multiple tasks and use cases. Know more about them here.

Product Walkthrough & Tutorials

Watch our product walkthroughs and tutorials to view the potential of using techzig.

Interviews & Podcasts

Catch up on our media presence, interviews, and podcasts to stay updated with what's new.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of videos can I make with

    With the help of Techzig, you can create AI celebrity videos videos for various occasions from fixed templates but personalized names.

  • What are the prices or plans I can avail?

    Depending on the use-case, the price may vary. However, what you see is what you pay.

  • Are these videos true?

    These AI avatars of the celebs have been created with the celebrity's permission and are therefore safe and authentic.

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